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Hemangiomas are accumulations of blood vessels that usually appear after birth, grow over a period of months, and regress within a few years. However, hemangiomas that are large in size, slow to resolve over time, and can cause complications such as bleeding may require treatment. Other vascular malformations (lymphatic, mixed, etc.) may also require treatment, which may persist into adulthood. Treatments available include conservative drug therapy, surgical therapy, lasers, and, of course, monitoring.

At Athens Dermatology we have the possibility of treating hemangiomas with SWT (Selective Waveband Technology), an innovative method in which controlled beams of light target the hemoglobin contained in red blood cells. Hemoglobin converts the light energy into heat which is transferred to the vessel walls and destroys them, gradually eliminating the hemangioma damage.

How hemangiomas are treated with SWT (Selective Waveband Technology)

The treatment of hemangiomas is done in consecutive sessions of short duration. Usually the treatment creates a feeling of local heat on the skin, but it is well tolerated and does not require anesthesia. However, anesthetic cream can be used in children. The treatment leaves the skin with the appearance of a "bruise", which subsides in 7-10 days, while a thin crust may form that falls off soon.

The treatment of hemangiomas requires knowledge of their natural history, as well as proper familiarity with the safe use of the technology at our disposal. Our dermatologists are specialized in the treatment of hemangiomas with the application SWT (Selective Waveband Technology), the most effective method of treating vascular damage.

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