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Laser hair removal

Hair growth


The Alexandrite Laser produces a beam of light that is designed to be primarily absorbed by melanin (the pigment of dark hair) and cause thermal damage to the hair shaft and follicle, without damaging the surrounding tissues. The hair follicle is destroyed and the dark end hair is permanently removed.


Alexandrite Laser hair removal provides permanent results. It is a safe, effective and easy treatment that allows the coverage of large areas during one session. After just one session the improvement is evident, while after repeated sessions the best possible result is achieved.


Hair removal treatment is well tolerated and most of the time there is only a slight feeling of discomfort locally. Most patients do not need local anesthesia, however, when treating more sensitive areas, we apply anesthetic cream 1 hour before treatment, which minimizes pain.


Immediately after treatment, the area may look a little swollen and red as if a mild sunburn has occurred. This reaction resolves within minutes to hours. After the end of the treatment, we apply cold compresses and cortisone cream so that the above symptoms subside quickly.


The results of Alexandrite Laser hair removal are excellent, especially in cases of dark hair growth. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on hair color, hair thickness, body area and skin color. A permanent reduction in hair regrowth is achieved in almost all patients and the best results are achieved after several sessions. Laser hair removal used to be limited to people with dark hair and fair skin. However, today it is also possible and effective to treat darker skin. Sessions are repeated every 6-8 weeks.

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