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CO2 laser

The carbon dioxide laser (Laser CO2) is widely used in surgical and cosmetic dermatology. It uses an invisible energy beam of light, which is absorbed by tissues containing water and causes them to sublimate. The result is the local destruction of skin lesions, such as moles, warts, papillomas, cellular nevi, sebaceous nevi, antemic nevi, epilepsies, solar lentils, xanthelasma, syringomas, sebaceous hyperkeratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia, angiofibromas and many others.

How is CO2 Laser treatment performed?

Laser CO2 is applied to the skin after local anesthesia. After the local destruction of the lesion, a crust remains in its place, which subsides within a few days. In this phase, the formation of the melanin of the new skin begins, which is completed when the skin returns to its normal state.

Sun protection is essential until the entire process above is completed. The aesthetic result is excellent even for lesions of a large size or in difficult places, such as the eyelids.

At Athens Dermatology we are pioneers in the application of this technology and with the use of the CO2 Laser we can treat most benign skin lesions in a safe and minimally invasive way. Our team of specialist dermatologists will guide you properly in the best treatment of your problem.

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