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Hailing from Lagadia in Gortynia (farthest from the city) and Ano Melpia in Messinia, Giannos D. Dimitriadis completed his high school studies in Diavolitsi, Messinia and was admitted to the Medical School of the University of Athens (2005) through Pan-Hellenic Examinations. He graduated from this as excellent (2011), at which point he moved to France for his specialization in Dermatology - Venereology (2012-2017), in a series of Hospitals in the Paris Region (such as "Saint Louis" - "Saint Louis"), at the Catholic University of Lille and in Lorraine (Metz, Thionville, Nancy). From 2018 until today, and after it happened Curator of Venereology at the historic University Nursing Institution " House of God » (HotelDieu) of Paris and Curator of the Inflammatory Dermatology Clinic at the Regional Hospital of 91u department of France, practices clinical Dermatology in Field of Mars, at 7The apartment of Paris, as Dr. Gaucher Catherine's key collaborator in the model unit she has established (29-31, avenue de Suffren, Paris VII). From autumn 2022, after a 10-year stay in France, he ventures his gradual transition to Greece, collaborating with Dermatology of Athens in a well-equipped space, while maintaining, at the same time, his Practice in Paris, continuing to practice active volunteering through teledermatology and telegeriatrics in villages deserted by dermatologists in the French countryside.

As part of his medical education, having completed part of his specialization in Internal Pathology, Emergency Pathology and Geriatrics, he specialized further in his field, receiving indicatively the corresponding university degrees in:

  • Pediatric Dermatology (2017) at the University of Nice, France
  • Dermatological Infectious Diseases and Therapeutics of Tropical Dermatopathies (2015)
  • Dermatological Semenology of Autoimmune Diseases (2016) at the University of Paris "Petros and Marie Curie",
  • Aesthetic Interventional Dermatology (2017, 2019) at the University of Versailles (lasers, peelings) and East Paris (injectable treatments with botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid), respectively.

Finally, he is one of the first French-speaking dermatologists to receive at the University of Strasbourg the Diploma of Specialization in:

  • Dermatological Nosology of the spectrum of black skin – «Dermatology of diversity ” (2021), aiming to adequately provide medical services to patients who do not belong to white phototypes – the study of which conventional dermatology training is usually limited.

After pan-European exams (2019), he won his title Fellow of the European Board of DermatoVenereology (FEBDV). He has edited speeches at numerous French Dermatology Conferences, as well as writing publications on his subject in international scientific journals, while he is a regular editor of articles on dermatology in the French periodical press (in particular, "Modern Woman" and "Women's Journal" – "Femme Actuelle" and "Le Journal des Femmes", respectively.). His academic activities include teaching students of the Medical School of Athens in their course History of Medicine, in whose Laboratory he is preparing his doctoral thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Ms. Karamanou M. His work was presented as a presentation at the Plenary Session of the French Academy of Medicine (2021).

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