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Injectable Lipolysis


Injectable lipolysis is a method that has been used in recent years to treat localized fat in the body. The injected substance penetrates the fat cell and causes its cell membrane to dissolve. Fat is eliminated through the bloodstream.


The new substances used for liposuction ensure skin tightening and liposuction on the face and body, without surgery.


The treatment leaves a swelling and redness at the injection site or even a slight swelling - phenomena that usually subside within 2-3 days. 


It is done once a month and usually 4-6 sessions are required. The results are permanent if there is no weight gain. 

Combines with

Cryolipolysis for large areas, such as the abdomen. In areas where cryolipolysis is not easy to apply, such as the double chin, neck and facial contour or knees, injectable lipolysis is applied. 

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