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Liposuction in double chin

Double chin



Liposuction in the groin is a bloodless and virtually painless procedure performed in the dermatologist's office. It may be due to obesity or a genetic predisposition to localized accumulation of fat cells. 

Injection of fat-dissolving substances

This is an injectable mesotherapy in which the dermatologist will inject into the problem areas factors that cause lipolysis. Injectable mesotherapy has the advantage that during its application, channels are created in the skin so that administered substances are guided deep fat where they can act effectively. The substance deoxycholic acid has been approved by the American drug agency (FDA), which has been shown to selectively destroy fat cells. Sometimes other substances may be administered, depending on the problem and the age of the person concerned. 

The procedure is considered painless and after lipolysis the interested person can immediately return to their activities, although there may be a mild swelling in the area for 2-3 days. The recommended repetition of the session is once a month and on average the treatment is completed with 3 sessions. 

Double chin treatment with HIFU

With this particular HIFU ultrasound technology, skin relaxation and the deposition of fat cells are treated at the same time. This is a treatment that is carried out without anesthesia as it does not cause discomfort in its application. The session lasts about 30 minutes and the result becomes visible after the first applications. Usually, 3 sessions with a distance of about 4-8 weeks between them are required for a complete result of liposuction in the groin area. 


The application of threads has good results in dealing with skin laxity. Threads have been used for decades in surgical applications, they are safe and bioabsorbable, without side effects and contraindications. There are different qualities that are used depending on the problem / age of the person concerned. The method is also indicated for the facial area, to improve the contour. 

The strategic placement of the threads by an experienced dermatologist ensures the desired effect of limiting local relaxation in the groin, while the stimulation of blood supply and increased collagen production due to their application causes a mild natural lipolysis, thus enhancing the results. 

The procedure is bloodless and is carried out in the dermatology clinic. For the area under the face, a special category of threads is used, which are placed in place using a fine needle. The duration of the method is about 30 minutes and after the application you can return directly to your activities. 

Unwanted actions

During the injection of substances and the application of threads, there may be small irritations or exudations at the point of needle insertion, which subside in a few 24 hours while being effectively covered with make-up. Also sometimes swelling may appear in the area for 2-3 days. 

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