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Fat transfer


Fat and its applications are today a new tool in the hands of plastic surgeons with which they can correct various problems. Fat transfer is a relatively easy surgery that requires local anesthesia or sedation, and the patient returns home immediately postoperatively.

During the operation, the plastic surgeon uses a blunt cannula to remove fat from areas of the body where it is excess. The fat is then washed and centrifuged, and after specific treatment it can be transferred to any part of the face with small special cannulas.


Fat is used today to correct volume deficits, to accentuate features, to soften deep wrinkles, and to achieve a comprehensive facial rejuvenation to bring out natural beauty.

Fat as a method does not replace hyaluronic acid, because it is injected into deeper layers of the skin. Instead both can be safely used in combination to fix major problems and address minor imperfections.

The transfer of fat to the face is now a very common aesthetic intervention with remarkable results and usually the patients who use it feel a high degree of satisfaction, as a result of which they repeat it over time.


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