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Surgical procedures

At Athens Dermatology, our specialized dermatologists and our staff offer high-level medical services to patients who need surgical treatment of their problem. In our center, surgical removal of moles, cysts, skin tumors, skin cancer, and many other skin lesions of the face and body are performed with excellent aesthetic results. Dermatological operations are performed in specially designed operating rooms, where all conditions are met that will make your visit as comfortable and safe as possible.

What should I do before surgery?

Our dermatologists will give you all the necessary instructions after taking your history. Medicines such as aspirin and anticoagulants may need to be stopped a few days before the operation and always in consultation with the cardiologist or pathologist. Alcohol should be avoided the day before surgery. On the day of the operation you can take the medicines that have been allowed and have normal meals.

What should I expect after surgery?

Dermatosurgery at Athens Dermatology is performed with local anesthesia, the duration of which is a few hours. After the anesthesia time has passed, if there is local pain, a Depon-type pain reliever is usually enough to relieve it. After the surgery, we give you all the necessary instructions for the care of the area, as well as when you will come back for the removal of the stitches. In the meantime, we are always at your disposal for whatever you need.

At Athens Dermatology our priority is, in addition to the correct diagnosis and effective management of your dermatological problem, the information, safety and comfort that we want to provide you, so that a dermatological surgery is as "painless" as possible, but also to leave an aesthetically excellent result.

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