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Skin biopsy

The diagnostic approach to a dermatological problem sometimes requires taking a biopsy, with the aim of histopathological confirmation. Skin biopsy is a simple procedure that requires good knowledge and proper technique on the part of the dermatologist.

How is a skin lesion or rash biopsied?

The biopsy site is carefully selected and local antisepsis and anesthesia are applied. The sampling can be done with a round knife up to 6mm in diameter (Punch biopsy) or surgically, while in any case stitches are inserted at the point of the incision. The sutures are removed at the time indicated by the dermatologist, while the material taken is sent to the histopathologist. The material can be sent for immunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence or even molecular testing depending on what is required to diagnose the problem.

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