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Diathermocoagulation is an invasive technique in which various lesions on the skin surface are cauterized with a needle. In diathermocoagulation we use an electric current which is transferred through a stylus directly to the skin lesion and destroys it.

With diathermocoagulation we can eliminate lesions such as small corneal hemangiomas, papillomas, hyperkeratosis, sebaceous hyperplasia and others. The treatment is minimally invasive and causes only a slight, momentary burning sensation on the skin. Therefore, the whole procedure can also be performed with the use of a local anesthetic cream, in which case it is extremely well tolerated. Contraindications to the use of diathermocoagulation are the existence of a cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator.

A thin crust forms at the treatment sites which subsides in 5-10 days. Usually the patient applies either an antibiotic cream or an antiseptic solution at home for a few days. The treatment can be repeated after 2-3 weeks if necessary.

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