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Papillomas are benign skin growths that most commonly appear on the neck, armpits, eyelids and under the breasts, but also on other skin folds. Their etiology is unknown, although skin friction and sometimes hormonal disorders, such as insulin resistance, are suspected. If left untreated, papillomas can grow in size, creating a severe aesthetic problem. Their correct diagnosis is important as they can mimic moles or precancerous conditions.

Papillomas can be removed easily and effectively with traditional methods, such as diathermocoagulation and cryotherapy. At the Athens Dermatology Clinic, in addition to the above methods, we also apply Laser CO2 to treat papillomas. It is a bloodless, absolutely precise and controlled method with excellent results. The treatment is based on the principle of sublimation of the epidermal cells, which leads to the shrinkage and eventual destruction of the lesion. In the places where the treatment is done, a thin dark crust remains that falls off in a few days, leaving behind healthy skin that slowly regains its normal color.

Papillomas that are removed usually do not reappear, but someone may experience lesions in other places on the skin, which is why we recommend their periodic treatment.

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