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Cryosurgery is based on the principle that liquid nitrogen can be used at very low temperatures to locally destroy skin lesions, benign or malignant. For the application of the method, a special container with a spray system is used in which the liquid nitrogen is located. It is used to treat skin cancers, precancerous lesions, warts, warts, seborrheic hyperkeratosis and other skin conditions.

How is cryosurgery performed?

The area to be treated is cooled to -196º C and gradually thaws, while during this cycle the damaged cells are destroyed. Over the next few days, the area forms a thin crust, which falls off and gives way to new, healthy skin. The procedure is sometimes done with local anesthesia, it is safe and reliable.

At Athens Dermatology there is a lot of experience in the treatment of skin diseases with the cryosurgery method. We have specialized dermatologists with long experience and good knowledge of the technique who are able to help you with the treatment you need.

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